Equal Pay Isn’t a Women’s Issue. It’s a Family Issue.

Equal Pay Isn’t a Women’s Issue. It’s a Family Issue.


Anna knows families depend on women being treated fairly.

  • As the first female Mayor of Salinas and the highest-ranking Latina in the Brown administration at the end of her service, Anna has been a trailblazer
    for women’s right and equal pay for equal work. Anna will strengthen California’s wage discrimination laws so people can earn what they deserve.

Anna will stand up to protect women’s health choices.

  • She is dedicated to maintaining state funding for Planned Parenthood, and
    make sure women maintain their right to choose. Anna received a 100%
    rating from Planned Parenthood for every year she was in the Assembly.

Anna is committed to making sure women feel safe.

  • She will work to reduce domestic violence and harassment in the workplace. For her work to protect women, Anna was given an Award of Excellence by the California State Commission on the Status of Women and the Monterey
    County Commission on the Status of Women.