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ICYMI: Local News Station fact checks Anti-Anna Caballero TV Ad, Finds Claims to be False

Sep 16, 2018

Salinas, Calif. – On Tuesday, local news station KSBW did an investigative report on a negative ad that was stretching the truth about the record of Senate District 12 candidate, Assemblymember Anna Caballero.

The local news station found that the claim that Anna Caballero raised tuition for students, was completely false, as UC regents are responsible for tuition increases, not the state legislature.

Said Caballero of the false claim: “The bottom line is that the Legislature doesn’t vote on increases in tuition. That’s a decision made at the college regent’s level.”

The station also found the claim that Anna used taxpayer money on a new office for herself and her staff to be falsely based on her vote for a bill that allocates funding for a Capitol annex renovation, intended to make the historic building more ADA compliant.

Said Caballero of that claim: “If there’s nothing in my record to challenge me on, they (the opposition) make up things about me.”

Caballero continued: “In the last three of four weeks before the election, negative stuff comes out and its unfortunate, but you deal with it.”

You can watch the full investigative report on the false claims made by Rob Poythress here:



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